About Product Destruction in Canada

Manufactured goods may be harmful to people and the environment if disposed of improperly. Product destruction is a vital part of a company’s security procedure to make sure that such goods do not pose any harm. To ensure this security procedure, such businesses need to connect with a reliable Canadian Product Destruction company to make sure that the product is dispositioned to a safe and eco-friendly form.

Re-source Recycling is a leading partner to businesses in Canada and can provide your company the support it needs to when destroying any kind of product whether damaged goods, recalled product or overstock.

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Product Destruction Canada Services We Offer

In Re-source Recycling, we offer several Canada product destruction services. Federal and international laws require businesses to destroy certain materials in their possession to minimize environmental impacts. Some other legislative bodies also limit the disposal of consumer products.

If your business deals with such products, you can take advantage of the services offered by Re-source Recycling to effectively and securely destroy the products.

Below is a list of such products:

  • Damaged goods
  • Defective or recalled goods
  • Gift cards
  • Media
  • Obsolete inventory
  • Off-specification products
  • Post-dated inventory or beverages
  • Product de-packaging for recycling or destruction
  • Prototypes
  • Uniforms, ball caps, and footwear
  • X-rays, microfilm, and microfiche

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Canada Product Destruction


Our Canada product destruction services can be conducted using a number of methods such as shredding, incineration or disposal. We provide accountable results by making sure that our facilities and trucks are monitored all through our operations each day. Also, our customers can observe the secure product destruction in real time and we can even work closely with law firms and government agencies that intend to verify the product destruction process.

Logistics and Documentation:

As soon as you place an order for the Canada product destruction service, our GPS and camera-equipped trucks will be dispatched to your facility to pick up the product. Our drivers are trained and skilled to handle all kinds of products. The product will be adequately documented when it arrives and it will be marked for destruction. After the product destruction, we will then issue you an invoice and a certificate of product destruction. We can also provide evidence of the product destruction if you require it anytime.


Your organization’s size is immaterial when it comes to the services we render; we serve all organizations whether small or large including OEMs.

Our team comprises seasoned professionals including certified drivers, industry professionals, and so forth. Also, we have scientifically designed processing center that would ensure that you get the desired result in Canada product destruction services and surrounding regions.

Furthermore, our broad range of services include all forms of Canada product destruction and we specialize in helping manufacturing agencies to ensure effective business commencement and to maintain brand credibility.

No matter the kind of product you need to be destroyed, whether expired, counterfeit, defective or recalled, we can handle their destruction and will issue you a certificate of destruction to ensure that your brand is protected from any compliance issue. Also, we ensure that all the environmental and legal mandates are met during the service and there would not be a breach in the service at any time.

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Canada Product Destruction FAQ

How do I obtain quote for the Canada product destruction?

Click on “Quote For Request” in the navigation menu of our home page. Fill out the customer information form and the product information form completely and submit. The information you provide in the form will be used to generate a quote for the product you want to destroy. The forms will be emailed to our Canada product destruction manager to generate your quote.

Can I witness my product being destroyed?

Yes. Our customers can view their product being destroyed from their customer account through a live stream. We will provide you with your customer account information and also information on how to log in to our cameras. We will also provide you with the time and date when your product will be destroyed to enable you to watch it.

Do I receive any documentation stating that my product has been destroyed?

Yes. Once your product has been destroyed, we will provide you with an invoice and a certificate of destruction. The documents will be added to your files in your customer accounts.

After submitting my quote request, how long can I expect to get a quote from you?

We will provide you with a quote 24-48 hours after you submit your quote request.