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Health & Beauty Products

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Dontara, a major health and beauty product manufacturer, initiated an enviromentaly sustainable approach with their customer returns of health and beauty products. These returns included various items such as cosmetics, skincare products and personal care items, all of which needed to be efficiently managed to minimize waste and maximize resource recovery.





To effectively initiate an enviromentally sustaible approach to managing customer returns of health and beauty products, a comprehensive solution was developed. The solution involved several steps to effectively process the returned products and recycle them through proprietary methods.


  1. Manual Depackaging:
    • The first step in the solution was manual depackaging of the returned products from their original cartons and packaging.
    • Trained personnel carefully opened and separated the products from their packaging to ensure that the items could be processed effectively for recycling.
  2. High-Speed Shredding:
      • After manual depackaging, the returned products were processed in a high-speed shredder. This equipment quickly and efficiently shredded the products into smaller pieces, facilitating further processing and recycling.
      • Shredding the products helped to break them down into more manageable sizes and increased surface area, making it easier to extract materials for recycling.
  3. Separation Equipment:
    • Following shredding, the shredded material was passed through separation equipment. This equipment utilized various methods, such as magnetic separation, to separate different components of the shredded material.
    • The separation equipment helped to segregate materials such as plastics, metals, and organic matter, enabling more efficient recycling and resource recovery.
  4. Environmental Dilution and Recycling:
    • Excess material that could not be recycled directly were diluted to an environmentally friendly state using proprietary methods.

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