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How Can Cardboard Recycling Benefit Your Business?

Many business owners know the importance of recycling office waste. But they forget this when it comes to cardboard. They throw the cardboard in a multipurpose office recycling bin with other paper waste, which is not right.

To get rid of the cardboard waste in your office, recycling is the best option.  Cardboard recycling is easy because it’s made with a high percentage of recycled fibers.

Benefits of paper cardboard recycling to your business 

Positive impact on the environment

With cardboard recycling collection and recycling, you reduce the amount of waste in landfills. Recycling diverts the cardboard waste at your office from landfills and reduces the number of visits of waste collection vehicles to your location, leaving a positive impact on the environment.

Get the benefit of rebates 

Cardboard waste is good for money-making.  The government or many other organizations offer rebates on a large amount of cardboard waste.  It means you and your organization can get something in return by recycling your cardboard waste responsibly. Inquire about this offer and enjoy its benefits.

Improve your recycling rates 

Your business objective should be to improve your recycling rates. With paper cardboard recycling, you can increase or enhance your rates. Remember, if your business can reuse things instead of dumping them in a landfill, its process will get the benefits.

What should you do before hiring a cardboard recycling provider?

Identify the recyclable cardboard 

Before the process begins, understand the types of cardboard in your office.   Two types of cardboard are primarily used in offices: corrugated and carton board. Many recycling organizations accept both types, but it’s always good to check the recycling guidelines of the local council to ensure compliance and avoid contamination.

Keep the cardboard dry 

For efficient and effective cardboard recycling, make sure they are properly stored before the process.  If the cardboard is damp or moldy, it might not get recycled.

When not in use, store the cardboard in a dry location and neatly stack it to prevent potential hazards. Your goal should be to keep the cardboard dry and clean until it reaches the recycling destination.

A common question people ask regarding cardboard recycling 

Can cardboard and paper be recycled together?

It’s not advised.  Usually, the recycling of corrugated cardboard is done separately from paper.  Collecting and recycling the two grades separately is good for better results. This might take time and increase your cost, but benefit your organization in the long run.

Is it safe to mix multiple grades of cardboard in the recycling bin?

Yes. If the cardboard is dry and not contaminated with food, grease or chemicals, you can recycle different grades of cardboard together.  The texture of the material for different grades is almost the same, avoiding any problem during recycling.

Contact Re-Source Recycling for Cardboard Recycling 

Cardboard recycling benefits your company and the environment. So, as a responsible business owner, you should hire cardboard recycling services.

If you need a professional and reputable cardboard recycling provider in Scarborough, ON, contact Re-Source Recycling. We will efficiently recycle your cardboard waste.


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