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Food and Organic Waste Disposal Services:

Re-Source Recycling is committed to innovation and sustainability in food and organic was recycling. We specialize in handling industrial and commercial food and organic waste. By providing tailored solutions for businesses and institutions, we aim to revolutionize waste management practices and contribute to a cleaner, greener future.

Types of Food/Organic Waste We Recycle:

Our expertise in industrial and commercial food and organic waste recycling extends to various materials, including:

  • Food scraps and leftovers from food retailors, restaurants, hotels, and catering services
  • Organic waste generated by food processing facilities and manufacturing plants
  • Agricultural residues and by-products
  • Expired or surplus food products from supermarkets and grocery stores
  • Cafeteria waste from educational institutions and corporate offices

We recognize the diverse nature of organic waste generated by industrial and commercial entities and are equipped to handle a wide range of materials.

Process of Food/Organic Waste Recycling:

Our process for recycling industrial and commercial food and organic waste is designed to be efficient, sustainable, and compliant with industry standards:

  1. Collection: We offer flexible collection services tailored to the needs of businesses and institutions. Our specialized vehicles ensure prompt and reliable pickup of organic waste from commercial establishments, industrial facilities, and institutions.
  2. Sorting and Segregation: Upon arrival at our facility, organic waste undergoes thorough sorting and segregation to remove any contaminants or non-organic materials. Our trained personnel and advanced sorting technologies ensure the purity of the organic waste stream, enhancing the quality of the recycling process.
  3. Processing: The sorted organic waste is processed through various methods depending on its composition and intended end use. This may include shredding, pulping, or maceration to break down the organic matter into smaller particles suitable for further processing.
  4. Composting or Anaerobic Digestion: Depending on the specific requirements and preferences of our clients, organic waste can be diverted for composting or anaerobic digestion. Composting involves the controlled decomposition of organic matter to produce nutrient-rich compost, while anaerobic digestion generates biogas and digestate, valuable by-products used for energy generation and fertilizer production, respectively.
  5. Resource Recovery: The compost, biogas, and other by-products generated through our organic waste recycling process are utilized in various applications, contributing to sustainability and resource conservation. By closing the loop on organic waste recycling, we reduce environmental impact and promote circularity in waste management.

FAQ about Re-Source Recycling Services:

  1. What types of industrial and commercial food/organic waste do you accept? We accept a wide range of organic materials generated by businesses, institutions, and industrial facilities, including food scraps, organic residues, expired products, and cafeteria waste.
  2. How can businesses and institutions benefit from your services? Our tailored recycling solutions help businesses and institutions reduce waste disposal costs, meet regulatory requirements, and demonstrate environmental stewardship. By partnering with us, organizations can improve their sustainability practices and contribute to a cleaner environment.
  3. Do you provide collection services for industrial and commercial clients? Yes, we offer flexible collection services customized to the needs of businesses and institutions. Our efficient pickup services ensure timely removal of organic waste, minimizing disruption to daily operations.
  4. What happens to the by-products generated through your recycling process? The compost, biogas, and other by-products are utilized in various applications, such as soil amendment, energy generation, and fertilizer production, contributing to resource recovery and environmental sustainability.
  5. Are your recycling processes environmentally friendly? Yes, our recycling processes are designed to minimize environmental impact and promote sustainability. We adhere to strict environmental regulations and continuously strive to improve our practices to reduce our carbon footprint.
  6. How can businesses and institutions get started with your organic waste recycling services? Getting started is easy! Simply contact our customer service team to discuss your specific needs and requirements. We’ll work with you to develop a customized recycling plan that meets your sustainability goals and operational needs.

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